What does Migrante Ottawa do?

The goals of Migrante Ottawa are to educate, organize, and mobilize overseas Filipinos on the issues of migrants and the Filipino people in order that they are better able to defend their rights.

Education and Research

Migrante Ottawa raises awareness and organizes migrant Filipinos through educational activities, such as workshops and community fora, which highlight the common issues faced by migrant Filipinos in Canada. In order to do educational activities, it conducts research on current issues and policies that affect migrants, as well as global economic, political and social issues that link migrants’ struggles to struggles for social justice more broadly.

Campaigns, Networking and Alliances

A major activity of Migrante Ottawa is to conduct or support campaigns to support the rights and welfare of migrant workers, and raise the profile of their issues in the broader Canadian milieu.  It also supports or leads campaigns to address the roots of migration, including human rights violations, anti-people development, mining and militarization.

Migrante Ottawa seeks to build solidarity linkages and networks with labour unions, church groups and other non-government organizations and individuals who share its vision and goals of global social justice. This is in recognition of the fact that the oppression that many peoples face are similar to those faced by the Filipino people.

Migrante Ottawa is part of of Migrante Canada, which is a national alliance of migrant advocacy organizations that share its goals.  Migrante Canada is affiliated with Migrante International, which was established as a global movement in 1995.  Its formation was a culmination of the global outcry in response to the execution of a migrant worker, Flor Contemplacion, which highlighted the extreme vulnerability of migrants abroad.

For more information, please see background fact sheets on our website.

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